Shiloh Hall is a New Testament Assembley of Believers,who meet for Worship,Bible study, prayer, and the Gospel, Acts ch 2 v 42," And they continued stedfastly in the apostles doctrine,and fellowship, and in the breaking of bread,and in prayers."

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Sunday 8th September 2019.

Remberance, Lord's Supper - 10:45

Ministry 11:45 Joshua Watson.

Gospel 18:30, Bert Forrest.

Wednesday 11th  September 2019.

Prayer meeting 7pm.

Bible study 8.15 pm, Harrold Williamson.


Next Week.

Sunday 16th September 2019.

Remberance, Lord's Supper - 10:45am.
Ministry,11:45 am,  
Gospel , 6:30 pm .  

Wednesday 19th September 2019.

Prayer Meeting 7pm.

Bible study 8:15 pm Harold Williamson.

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